Comercial Laundry Service

On Demand Laundry for Your Industrial & Commercial Needs

Whether you have big pile of dirty kitchen towels from your commercial kitchen, oily and dirty staff uniforms or bedsheets and hotel linens; you can always depend on us to return them as clean as they could be.

We are specialized in extracting oils and dirts from fabric using our outstanding chemicals. Also, we can treat your fabrics with disinfectants and hot water to fight spread of viruses up to your hygiene requirements.

We have years of experience extracting tough spots whether they are oils or dirts keeping in consideration the fabric material. 


Wash & Dry

Our commercial grade washers and dryers are capable of handling all your needs in short time.


Depending on your hygiene needs we can add disinfectants and wash fabrics in hot water. 


We provide industrial grade pressing for all your commercial products

Spot Treatment

Our experience in extracting dirts and oils are guarantted to leave your fabric spotless.


We will fold your fabric and linen to standard or customs patterns based on your needs. 

Drop Off & Pickup

You can drop off your commercial laundry and pick them up from our convenient location in North York

Pickup & Delivery

We provide door to door pickup and delivery.


We can package your clear laundry in plastic or reusable bags. Also we can provide hangers for larger items.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Timely Turnaround

With our staff and commercial grade equipments, reset assure that we will finish your job in a timely manner.

Low Prices, High Quality

We price our services competitively and as for the quality, Our Reputation is Always on the Table! 

Custom Service

We are always flexible to meet your commercial laundry needs.